What is the difference between Surveys and Observations?

When you are on your Event Recap you may see two different options for recording your feedback from your visit, Surveys and Observations. What you will see on your Event Recap depends on how the Event was setup by your Scheduler. 


If you see the Complete Survey button below, simply tap (or click) the button to bring up the survey.

Failure to complete your Survey in it's entirety, will result in your Event Recap displaying in your Pending Recaps in Red. 

If you are using Internet Explorer to complete your survey, please review the following article below for important instructions:



Observations do not require as many responses as the Survey. However, please be detailed in your Observations and Feedback. If you see a Red *, this indicates that you are required to enter Observations or Feedback in the form below. If not, you are not required to enter Observations or Feedback, although it is suggested. 

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