How do I upload my professional documents?

The Documents and Certifications Page has improved in the new Agency Application with new functionality that will allow you to upload your own documents such as Cover Letters, References, Resumes or Other documents on a computer. Certifications will be displayed on this page as well, but those can only be uploaded to the website by your scheduler. 

To upload a document, navigate to My Profile > Docs & Certs.

On the Documents & Certifications Page, click on Upload Documents

Click on Choose File, and select a file to upload. Choose a Document Type, enter a Description, then click Upload File

Helpful color coding has been added to alert you when your certifications are about to expire.

If your Certificate Expires in more than 30 days = Green
If your Certificate Expires in more than 10 days = Orange
If your Certificate Expires in less than 10 days (or Expired) = Red
Please Note: Documents can only be uploaded from a computer, and not a mobile device. 
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