The FieldLink App is frozen / locked up, what do I do?

Occasionally, the mobile app can appear that is in "frozen or locked" state, that will prevent you from doing anything other than closing the app. Uploading the Recap and Photos from the App is not instantaneous.  In fact, depending on how many photos you have and the quality and speed of your cellular connection, it may take a long time (up to a minute or more).  One of the reasons why it takes longer is because we are compressing each picture before we send it so that each picture  uses as little of your data plan as possible. 

When you submit your recap, a popup will open on top of the Recap with a progress bar to show how much data has been sent and how much still remains.  In addition, below the progress bar you will see the status for each individual photo as it is queued up and sent.  Once the Recap and all of the Photos have been sent, the popup will close and you can use the App again.  Please do not close the popup or close the App until everything has finished sending.  You can see what the change looks like in the screenshot below.  The first red highlighted box shows the Progress Bar along with the percentage completed (40% in the screenshot).  The second red highlighted box shows the image sending status.  In the screenshot, the App has completed sending the first Photo and has started sending the second Photo attached to the Recap.


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