How do I use the FieldLink Mobile App during my Event?

Once you have checked in to your Event, please put your phone away.  The same rules about using Cell Phones during your event still apply (no talking and texting).  The only thing you should use the phone for during your Event is to take Event Pictures.

To take Event Pictures during your Event, follow these steps:

  1. Use your phone to take your picture.
  2. When you are completed with your Event, go to the Pending Recaps.
  3. Tap on the Image icon
  4. Browse your phone for the photo and tap on it.
  5. Choose Event or Receipt. 


The App will return to the Event Recap and your Picture will automatically be attached to your Recap

Remember, if you are having someone else take an Event Picture for you so you are in the picture, you will need to have them follow these same instructions. 

For more detailed step by step instructions on how to take pictures, consult the following article:


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